Wild Turkey 101 Proof Christmas Rye Whiskey

SKU: 210000012767


Color: Pale yellow gold.

On the nose: Sweet and delicate. Lemon meringue pie, freshly cut spring flowers, whipped cream, and a very subtle hint of orange rind. I’m getting some more characteristic rye scents of aloe vera and stainless steel here, but mostly this is a light and airy presentation of aromas. There’s a noticeable creamy sweetness from the corn component of the mash bill.

In the mouth: Starts with a weak and watery flavor and texture. This has a nutty bitterness of almonds at midpalate and the manufactured wood flavor of particle board as the most salient notes. Again turning dilute, this finishes with a synthetic vanilla flavor and the vaguest grainy nip as the sole reminder that this is, in fact, a rye.

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