Kord Zubrovka Bisongrass Vodka Czechoslovakia 1960 4/5qt 100pf

CzechoslovakiaSKU: 210000013285



Colour: This vodka looks a bit foggier than most. Still, it is mostly clear. Inside the bottle is a single blade of bison grass, from which the drink is made from. This gives it a unique presentation that makes it truly memorable.

Aroma: While most vodkas have a simple alcohol scent, this one has much more! Hits of pinenuts and grass earth scents add character to each glass.

Taste: Made from bison grass, native to Poland, this drink is sweeter than most would expect. Because of this, it goes down smoothly and has a long finish. However, because of its average alcohol content, some novice drinkers may still experience a slight burning sensation in the back of the throat.

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