Jeffersons Presidential Select 18 Year Batch 6

SKU: 210000012688


Colour: Deep Amber with Tones of Orange and Brown.

Nose: Give it sufficient time to breathe! Good balance between Sweet, Spicy and Woody Aromas. The Alcohol is nicely integrated. I find Custard/Vanilla, Sweet Grain, Warm Pancakes with Golden Syrup and a sprinkle of Orange Liqueur, Oak, Resin, Candied Nuts, Caramel, Wax, light Acetone, Cinnamon and Pepper.

Palate: Sweet and Spicy with Toffee/Caramel/Butterscotch, slightly Bitter Oak, Resin, Roasted Nuts, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pepper, Cloves and Ginger.

Finish: Middle-Long, Sweet at first but Dry towards the end with Toffee, Butter, slightly Bitter Oak, Pine Resin, Cherries, Creamy Vanilla, Pepper, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

Net Item - no discounts apply

Net Item - no discounts apply

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