Chateau Baic 2011 Grand Vin de Bordeaux Cadillac

FranceSKU: 210000005169



Color: The wine is of quite a dark red with black hues in the center, and purplish red on the rim.

Nose: The nose is dominated by toasted notes of cocoa, dark chocolate, and coffee. So it feels oaky with the vanilla and clove complementing the picture. The fruit is quite shy on the nose. There’s jammy notes of blackberry and strawberry jam and perceptible alcohol that makes the whole feel rather fruity. But fresh fruit characters are missing a little. A slight vegetal tone.

Palate: On the palate, the wine is of medium body, with a nice jammy texture surrounded by granulous tannins that finish on a dry feel. The flavors are spicy (clove, nutmeg, a touch of black pepper) and oaky (vanilla, toasted hazelnut, caramel).

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