Cellador Murex 375ml

SKU: 210000012980


Murex is a blend of six beers aged in oak wine barrels ranging in age from 4-16 months. This blend was created to showcase a pretty mild acidity and natural seedy flavor that could both be enhanced by the natural character of the berries. We used whole organic boysenberries at 2 pounds per gallon, which gives the beer a very deep purple color. Murex has an insane amount of fruit flavor and aroma, while somehow still showcasing the underlying beer that’s hidden in there somewhere. Our blending has been trying to shift towards making beers that punch you in the face with flavor, but that you can still drink a whole glass of without wanting to die, and which still has layers of complexity that can only be uncovered by a slow and methodical drinking approach, that lets the beer warm and reveal it’s secrets. Murex pulls this act off perfectly.

Rated "Best Wine Shop in Los Angeles"- La Magazine 2021

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