Weather Watch Moratorium Effective 8/11/2020

Transporting wine in extreme weather conditions and temperatures may seriously damage wines. We define these temperature readings or predicted temperatures of greater than 80 degrees or less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Flask performs regular weather checks prior to shipment. These checks confirm appropriate temperatures will be held at the point of origin, along the probable route and at the final destination.

During periods of extreme weather we strongly advise against transport by any means. During these times we are pleased to provide complimentary short-term storage until better conditions prevail. We refer to this type of hold as a Weather Watch; if your order is placed during a Weather Watch period, it will not be scheduled for shipment until the end of the moratorium.

If you wish to ship regardless of weather conditions, we ask that you contact us to arrange shipment of your purchase and that you agree to a Weather Waiver, releasing Flask from any liability from weather related damage. Once we have received your Weather Waiver, your shipment will be sent on the agreed scheduled date, regardless of the weather conditions or temperatures. Insurance does not cover damage related to extreme weather. Should a Weather Watch moratorium arise during a previously scheduled shipment date, Flask will contact you via email to arrange an alternative shipping date.