White Tiger Vodka

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Created from centuries of Russian vodka making traditions, White Tiger vodka is an authentic Siberian spirit, distilled from the highest quality winter wheat and rye. Column stills are used for the best quality alcohol production. Pure alcohol is blended with unique Sikhote-Alin mountain water.  This unique water enables natural flavors of wheat and rye to come through to please the most sophisticated vodka aficionados. Every drop of White Tiger vodka goes through quartz sand and 40 feet of birch wood charcoal filters to assure the perfect quality and flavor. Perfect even at the room temperature or slightly chilled. Enjoy White Tiger vodka straight up, on the rocks or in your favorite martini or cocktail. Amur Spirits is proud to donate part of its profits to Amur Leopard, Tiger Alliance and the World Wildlife Fund in support of numerous conservation projects that protect these beautiful leopards and tigers.

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