Tio Pesca Mezcal Coyote

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Tío Pesca Mezcal Ancestral transports us to the past through four varieties of agave endemic to Oaxaca: Arroqueño, Coyote, Mexicano, and Tobalá. Each is produced by Fernando Mitra and his family in picturesque Sola de Vega, Oaxaca. Its rain-blessed hills, forests, and vegetation all make this a special place for diverse agaves to grow. The region’s altitude brings them one closer to the clouds as the southern Sierra Madre mountain range elevates these magueys to the gods.

Master Mezcalero​: Fernando Mitra
Region​: Sola de Vega, nearly 5,000 ft. elevation
Climate​: Warm-wet, rainforest
Agave​: 100% agave Coyote (A. Americano)

Grinding​: Manually crushed, wooden mallet by hand
Cooking​: Roasted in an earthen pit
Fermentation​: Natural, spring water and wild yeasts in sabino wood vats Distillation​: Double distillation in ​clay pot stills

Tasting Notes​:

Tío Pesca Coyote: Deep and herbal on the palate, with a subtle scent

of minerals and a semi-dry finish.

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