Aprendiz Mezcal Artisanal Espadín

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Aprendiz Mezcal Artesanal was created for aspiring mezcal connoisseurs and curious beings wishing to embark on the journey of traditional agave spirits. It is the perfect all-around mezcal, easy on the palate with a hint of sweet smoke, herbal notes, and a deep roasted agave finish. Produced by Isaías Martinez and his family, this hand-crafted spirit is distilled from 100% agave Espadín in San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca. Full-bodied and smooth, Aprendiz is ideal for those looking to design a creative cocktail or embark on a mystical mezcal journey.

Master Mezcalero​: Isaías Martinez
Region​: San Juan del Rio, nearly 4,000 ft. elevation Climate​: Semi-dry, seasonally dry forest
Agave​: 100% agave Espadín (A. Angustifolia) Grinding​: Tahona mill, mule drawn stone
Cooking​: Roasted in an earthen pit
Fermentation​: Natural, spring water and wild yeasts Distillation​: Double distillation in ​copper alembic stills

Alc/Vol: 40.0% / Size: 750 ml

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