Midleton Very Rare 2011 Irish Whiskey

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The blond, wood-grain box that the bottle comes in is well made and is a great match to the fresh color and taste of this whiskey. It comes with a personal registration card that you can send back to the distillery to let them know who purchased each numbered bottle. It’s a corked bottle that has the same color cork stopper as the wood of the box and a beautiful gold and parchment label that really dresses up this traditional Irish whiskey bottle rather nicely. On the nose, you get something that not a lot of Irish whiskeys will give you, honey. But its not the cloying honey that plagues some bourbons, its the fresh-light honey scent that really brightens up both the nose and the taste. The spice that you would expect from a Midleton whiskey is there, reminiscent of the Redbreast (click to read my review of Redbreast 12), but it is much more mellow and has a very clean feel on the nose.The palate makes this whiskey go off the deep-end of amazing. It spreads the flavors through your mouth immediately, and if allowed to rest on the tongue for a few long moments, the finish pays dividends of bright allspice and light alcohol flavors. Very light oily mouthfeel with makes this whiskey feel even more luxurious than the Redbreast, I reviewed before from the same distillery. The finish feels like it never ends, or stops developing, going from sweet honey and almost floral flavors, to rich oak and piney flavors, and into a mellow spiciness that never overwhelms the palate.

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