Dassai Beyond Junmai Daiginjo Sake 720ml

SKU: 210000018114


The only rice used for Dassai at Asahi Shuzo is the Yamada Nishiki rice.
Currently, it is produced in 21 prefectures in Japan by farmers who share a common ideal with Dassai.

Moreover, as a sake producer which only makes Junmai Daiginjo, we can only use a premium grade of this sake rice (at least "third grade").

The rice used for "Dassai Beyond" is based on our own strict standards: we only use the best of the premium grade of Yamada Nishiki rice. For this reason, the rice is polishing at a ratio that is slightly different each time it is produced.
Furthermore, the rice polishing ratio is different for each step  (rice washing, steaming, koji making, brewing, bottling, etc.) depending on the rice itself.

Rated "Best Wine Shop in Los Angeles"- La Magazine 2021

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