Germain-Robin Fine Alambic Brandy b. 2010 Lot 24

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Alembic brandy distilled by hand, using craft methods on a small antique cognac still located in Mendocino County, California. Germain-Robin was twice named Best Spirit by ROBB REPORT.

This is a release from around 2010 of the Lot 24 Alembic Brandy

Hubert Germain-Robin, the first distiller to use wines from world-class grapes, created one of the world’s great spirits. Hubert took an antique still from an abandoned distillery near Cognac and brought it to Ansley Coale’s Mendocino County ranch. Hubert distilled using ancient craft methods passed for centuries from master to apprentice. But he broke with tradition by distilling wines made from premium wine grapes. Cognacs derive most of their flavor from their soils and the regions grapes make insipid wine. Hubert discovered that the rich, complex, and deeply-fruited grapes used to make Northern California’s renowned table wines would produce correspondingly rich, complex, and deeply-fruited brandies.

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