Tercero Roussane 2015

CaliforniaSKU: 210000008094



Winemaker's Notes:

This 2015 Roussanne is my 4th release of this noble Rhone variety, and my first using 100% Zaca Mesa Vineyard fruit. The grapes were picked relatively early, whole cluster pressed, and then fermented and aged in 6+ year old French oak barrels, unracked until just before bottling. I stirred the lees a few times during this time as the wine really 'needed' it. This is truly a unique wine, one that is very textural in nature. It acts more like a red wine then a white one, and I believe it shows best at between cellar and room temperature. It's also a wine that benefits greatly from air, either with a decant or enjoyed slowly over a long meal or even on day 2. And don't be afraid to lay a bottle or two down as you would with a red wine - I think it may surprise you how well these can age.

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