2017 Meinklang Pinot Noir

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The grapes here come from the mountainous region of Burgenland, where you can find the Kőszeg Mountains that reach 1000 meters above sea level.  Not the Himalayas, but the mountainous terroir can be tasted all throughout this pinot. 

You know the Meinklang folks (Mulatschak and the Foam Pet’Nat) but let us refresh your memory.  The Michlit family were farmers on this land before World War I, when this part of Austria still belonged to Hungary. They have always worked a fully integrated farm with animals (cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, and horses), orchards and grains in addition to grapes. They practice crop rotation, and nothing goes to waste. After the war, the farm was broken in two and their village ended up across the border in Austria meaning they had to give up their parcel in Hungary. Parents Anneliese and Werner proudly reclaimed this after the fall of communism, which worked out very well when it became clear that not just one, but all of their three sons would stick around to carry on the family business! 

This Pinot is a bright, tangy, earthy wine bursting with black cherry, cranberry and a hint of black licorice. Because of the bright fruit, low alcohol, and lack of new wood, their Pinot Noir is a hella refreshing reboot of “Your Daddy’s Pinot Noir”.  The perfect, charming young wine to bring to the Thanksgiving table without fear of funk (or judgment). 

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