Neta Mezcal Ensamble Madrecuixe/Espadin Ranulfo Garcia Pacheco New

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Ranulfo has been distilling agave spirits consistently for over four decades, working principally with the same three varieties of maguey: Madrecuixe, Bicuixe, and Espadín. Though the maestro will often distill single-agave productions, he usually combines different varietals to produce an ensamble, like the one we’re excited to share with you this spring. The different agave are roasted, macerated, fermented, and distilled together — true ensambles are never composed of cold blends of finished spirits. Producing an ensamble is one of the oldest methods of agave distillation. Working with the perfectly ripe agave of any number of species, this traditional approach to crop management and distilling helps sustain a healthy supply of maguey and produces a complex and flavorful spirit.

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