Charbay S Hop Flavored Whiskey

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In February 2011, Marko became intrigued by Bear Republic's Big Bear Stout.
"Single malts only use a single malt—this Stout has over five different malts, as well as adjuncts and several different hop varieties. All of these qualities come through into an extremely complex whiskey," explains Marko.

With a backbone of Stout, double distilled then aged for 29 months in French oak, Marko expertly entices aromas of dried apricot & honeysuckle, a rich palate of roasted coffee, chocolate malt freshened with orange zest, and a perfect finish of brown spice, dark malt and lingering traces of dry oak.

"Mind-boggingly good". - Clay Risen, New York Times

90 Points - "Deliciously layered hint of the 49.5% ABV heat. A finish that's sweet, light and quite refreshing and inviting. Lives up to the Charbay hype". - Whisky Advocate

Alcohol 49.5% | 99 Proof | 750ml

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