Blanton's Gold Edition 'Golden Promise' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 700ml

SKU: 210000014508


Bottled exclusively for the Maison du Whisky's bar, the Golden Promise, this Blanton's proudly displays the colours of the Buffalo Trace distillery. Its particularly sunny aromatic and gustatory palette faithfully reproduces all of the flavours and aromas responsible for the renown of the first single barrel bourbon ever created, in 1984. Transcended by an incredibly noble wood, it is in turns fruity, chocolatey, liquorice, floral, herbaceous, medicinal, mineral, spicy and hot.

Profile: the concentrated initial nose wavers between liquorice, dark chocolate, dried apricot and salted butter caramel. Allowed to breathe, it becomes floral (vetiver). The invigorating attack is delicately woody (beeswax). It evokes an apricot sorbet. The elegant mid-palate is powdery and hot (Espelette). The enveloping finish is silky (taffeta) and nobly spicy (saffron).

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