Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch 2012 Release

SKU: 210000008164


Color: Medium Amber to slightly dark amber.

Nose: Delicate and pleasant blend of the finest cuban cigar smoke, musky warehouse char backed with stone fruit.   As stated earlier, an alluring quality of walking into a lounge of the finest cuban cigars, chocolates, after an exotic meal.

Taste: Starts with rich yet mellow blend of DNA found Four Roses Bourbons with slighty sticky oak element. Then goes to chocolate truffles laced with caramel. A sophsticared verison of cadbury caramello, but think of Godiva or Vosges.

Midpalate, the bourbon kicks up both warmth and spice and delivering  hints of Indian cooking spices a mild note of sweet curry with coconut.

Finish: Warm and creamy. Deep, rich mellow hallmark that. At the last breathe of this bourbon, it clings to the mouthfeel not in an annoying and sticky fashion, but in a luscious wonder.

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