Colonel EH Taylor Four Grain Bourbon

SKU: 210000015134


Bottle Only, no tube.

Critical Acclaim:

"Typically, bourbon will be made with 50-plus percent corn (legally required), malted barley, and a third ingredient, usually rye or wheat. This is where distillers can distinguish their bourbon: Rye gives it earthy, spicy, flavorful character that you feel in every corner of your mouth and all the way down your throat (Four Roses and Buffalo Trace are good examples). Wheat can soften the whiskey and add flavor without all that noise, leaving it much more mellow (think Maker’s Mark or Pappy Van Winkle).

If the balance is off, it can mix together into indistinguishable flavors, making the whole tasting experience sort of muddy. Four Grain is basically the perfect balancing act of the two: honey and caramel notes but with a subtle and subdued spice only towards the end. Like we said: It’s sensational."

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